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                Shenzhen Mantunsci Co., Ltd

                Founded in September 2013, Shenzhen Mantunsci Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of user-side smart digital electrical products, the construction of a smart power services and big data cloud platform. Based on artificial intelligence technology, it can greatly enhance the life safety guarantee when people are exposed to electricity, and can improve the level of early warning and prevention of electrical fires; it uses IoT and big data technology to realize user-side smart energy service and energy-saving management.

                Mantunsci is a standard compilation unit for  smart mini circuit breaker of China's energy industry , a member of the Shenzhen Fire Protection Association and a member of the Shenzhen IoT Industry Standards Alliance. The company's smart mini circuit breaker has obtained fifty-eight patents and software copyrights. In this field, it has pioneered China's 3C certification and EU CE certification, and passed the Shenzhen Metrology and Quality Inspection Institute's all-electric parameter measurement calibration certification. Its current, voltage, power, electricity, measurement accuracy have all reached 1.0! It has obtained 30 million product liability insurance from People’s Insurance Company of China and 600,000 electrical fire damage insurance from Ping’an Insurance Company of China, and passed the ISO9001 system certification of China National Quality Certification Center.

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                CLOUD SERVICES, BIG DATA

                CLOUD SERVICES, BIG DATA

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                CLOUD SERVICES, BIG DATA
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